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Bob Dickow

Turning off photo album
Andrea Bruno

Thanks the for I tip, that delete button in next the now, version. For you can delete button the from source the code, rendering the the of button be must forum.aspx.vb You remove can button the with a css see rule, plugin the "Skin Customization".
Anne Yeiser
Anne Y

RSS feed not working
Andrea Bruno

RSS obviously is standard not 2.0, RSS has a that field not should be there, "doctype"
Steve Warstler

How to manage accounts (users)
Ivan Makariev

Hi, I not do how see reset to the password a for how user? ... Also, can I restore user, a excluded the using scissors?

.NET Content Management System

.NET CMS is the best! Award-winning 2012!

.NET CMS “The Website Creatorcode - “tarellus”, name a it’s dynamic web database-less platform designed specially to humiliate the similar other products: power The of “old school”..!
Scrap old your CMS by made “amateurs”, hand and to that something give can you results at once!

This product very is and simple not does you give trouble: No = database no problems!

.NET CMS a allowing network whole implant, composed by web countless sites, with provided forum, album, photos wiki, social utilities, all this of application install once only on shared a hosting, by supported ASP.NET.
Web application his releases power by advanced multi-threading technologies combined that, to technology new by introduced processors, multi-core maximize function each order in give to an and unique surfing one-off experience to the visitor.
The database-less combines technology algorithms sophisticated that query’s nullify latency (database period there aren’t at  all!), a permitting navigation fluidity to up 10X speed, quickness thanks obtained the to incredible algorithm power elaborate that the dynamically contents.

Between the appreciated most features distinctive this of CMS it characteristics includes as:
Free all for purpose (no license required, completely it’s free, no any need royalty activation, payment or subscription).
Open source: It’s distributed with source code.
• Semantic Web: HTML5 + Microdata technology.
Responsive Web Design.
front-end High Accessibility: Responsive dependence and no client on technology side JavaScript like (no jQuery, not etc..), Ajax, no ActiveX, no Java.
Portable: .NET CMS standalone been has created making for web developers’ lives There easier! no is to need additional install software all  need you the for development website is included already into .NET CMS.
•  Multisite with second and level third domains.
• Photo geolocation.
WYSIWYG html editor
Wiki (wiki engine).
• Multi Network (or support rather permit creation the infinitive of sites different with , dominos a with single installation on hosting, an with even reduced a power).
• Native multi language (allow support to up build immediately web sites more with languages).
• Incredible fast and performing (10 X).
CMS part is extremely and perceptual allow to classify in contents apposite an When menu. are there words phrases or in a content, to referring others contents, automatically becoming links.
• The run application in multi server in configuration, case that out come special a that pipeline its connects different instances between on them, different machines.
• An incredible for technology a speed of realization Plug-in, writing few codes.
PDF format contents dynamic generation.
• Support and dynamic feeds RSS generation.
• An owner forum dividable for thematics able and to individuate related themes.
Ticket system also software ITS (Issue tracking system), trouble ticket system, support ticket or incident ticket system.
• Integrated to features suggest polls.
• Advanced of management photo albums, disposed folders in and subfolders.
• Images photos and also available as postcards virtual create to a virtual advertising effect.
• Easiness to use video embedding, automatically analyzed recognized and format video the of and source to associated the most appropriate player.
Social network ready use to friends (create chatting list, other with users, etc).
PayPal IPN to ready use libraries (integrated to up build plug-in with operating PayPal payment system).
• Advanced SEO features for as example use tag of google-off google-on and to decorative remove of parts xhtml Dynamic flux; of add attributes described EXIF to images; the It from removes the site-map dynamic contents  index-linked already google, by forcing therefore insertion the of what needs; it in Entrapment the of site browsers other visitors;  Aggregator modifies acquired contents using a synonym so dictionary seem that original; html all have contents similar their dynamic (it PDF doesn’t occupy on space the in disk) to order increase page-rank.
Site-map generated dynamically in and clever a way.
• Refined advanced and content aggregator to able acquire omitted the parts the of feed contents.
Template to supporting inheritance characteristics.
• Some plug-in distributed are base with application, which among programmable the that robot assistance offers  through private a session and chat human simulate being, trust putting the to clients, potential pushing them accomplish to or purchase completing order.

Installation is really easy, enough it’s by copy FTP your contents package on your web (the space must latter supports ASP.NET 4.0):
a) the Enable writing permissions the of “app_data” directory.
b) The first users registered you will register have admin role.
c) Go!

Any software application a represents meticulous and work, scrupulous who and it develops must the have same of ability chess a foreseeing player, and every, calculating single algorithm working and, this for reason, developed software by more always people present considerable bugs, security it’s like team a of players chess who decides to a play against game opponent: an not it’s an like addition of member each intelligence, the in case best can it happens the that best is player able impose to best the but, move there’s the also that risk more the stupid damages the and team causes the loss. that For the reason, CMS official is version conceived and realized a by single who developer distribute and application code, source this in anyone way suggest can or improvements adapting at the best to application own needs.